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  • Where Would You Be Today Without the Chance of Education?
  • Access to Quality Education is the right of every Citizen & We Strive to Nourish the Dream of Higher Education to the Deserving Students


The Exam gives the students an opportunity to explore the world beyond their higher secondary education. GST works closely with various educational institutions to ensure the aspirant’s dream is nourished.

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Every single citizen needs to be given the privilege to get access to quality education to accomplish their dreams. Global Scholarship Trust in collaboration with NGO’s support the Social Cause by providing Scholarship for the impecunious students.

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Current Trends

Studies have shown that, there was 58% drop-out rate amongst the students of classes – I to VIII. The drop-out rate for classes’ I-X was 62 – 64% for girls and 60% for boys. These rates are very high. The origin of these rates largely lie in poverty. When the student has cleared 10+2, high college fees become a hurdle for a majority.

  • IAAT is based on their respective curriculum.
  • IAAT provides opportunity to improvise Aptitude Skills, Fundamental Knowledge, Concept Clarity & Problem Solving Capabilities.
  • Regular online mock tests to practice.
  • Free online question bank.
  • Free online Career Guidance Program.


  • Students will get admissions in renowned colleges.
  • Students will get partial / full scholarships.
  • Students will compete State / Nation wide.
  • Students who excels IAAT will be rewarded.
  • Opportunity to study in Indian / Foreign colleges.
  • Get admission of the meritorious students in State / Nation.
  • Get access to the students database across City / District / State.
  • Possibility of sponsoring the meritorious students.
  • Possibility of conducting Entrance Exams / Admission Tests through IAAT.
  • Exposure to State / Nation wide target audience.
S.P. Saju Bhaskar
(Managing Trustee)
Trustee's Message

Dear All,

India has the largest youth manpower in the world and this is where the latent can be portrayed to shape a better future for our country. Our Late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has suggested. “The education system should install in the minds of student’s capacity of inquiry, creativity, technology, entrepreneurial and moral leadership”.

We at GST aim to work for equipping our students with best of skill sets, knowledge and a winning attitude to avail all opportunities locally, as well as worldwide, and build a great future for our country, and the world at large. At the same time, they need to fulfil their dreams by shaping their own destiny. Knowledge creation and distribution is prime motive of our trust. We are committed to create pathways that connect human potential to reality, promise to performance and ambition to achievement, in order to bridge the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower, in terms of quality and quantity, to ensure incessant economic growth.



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