Scholarship Exam - IAAT

SoholarshipA scholarship is an award of financial aid for a meritorious student to further his or her education. GST's vision is to provide aspiring students with scholarship in the form of cash prize, awards and coupons and paving a pathway to study in Indian or International Universities.

GST conducts the Scholarship Exams for the students in India and across the globe with the main focus to provide opportunities for the meritorious students to study in INDIA, US, UK, Australia for higher education. By paying the registration fee, the student not only is eligible to write the exam but also becomes a part of social cause by contributing to the education of the underprivileged students.

Indian Academic Aptitude Test (IAAT)

The Indian Academic Aptitude Test (IAAT) is an initiative by Global Scholarship Trust to support the students who have strong commitment and determination towards education. IAAT Exams acts as a gate-pass for the students to pursue their higher education who would otherwise be neglected due to financial constraints.

Features of IAAT

  • Curriculum based examination to support the students
  • Opportunity to improvise the Aptitude Skills of the Students
  • Enhance fundamental knowledge, concept clarity and problem solving capabilities
  • Mock Tests Conducted on Regular Basis

Who can apply for the Exam?

Students who pursue 12th grade can participate in the Scholarship Exam.

The students who wish to participate in the exams can register by paying registration fees. Participate in GST exams, venture into Indian/International Universities and also be a part of the social cause.

To Participate in the Scholarship Exam, register here