What we do

What is GST?

Global Scholarship Trust (GST) is a Non-Governmental Voluntary Organization formed by set of Indian Senior Academicians to identify and nurture the talented students and to promote effective, accessible and responsible education to all. The Trust honours and supports the talented students by conducting the Scholarship Exams across India which would pave way for their higher education. GST enables the brightest minds to achieve greater heights in chosen fields and has the vision to become a pre-eminent educational trust that works towards the overall advancement of the society.

Scholarship Exam - IAAT

SoholarshipA scholarship is an award of financial aid for a meritorious student to further his or her education. GST's vision is to provide aspiring students with scholarship in the form of cash prize, awards and coupons and paving a pathway to study in Indian or International Universities.

GST conducts the Indian Academic Aptitude Test(IAAT) Exams for the students in India and across the globe with the main focus to provide opportunities for the meritorious students to study in INDIA, US, UK, Australia for higher education. By paying the registration fee, the student not only is eligible to write the exam but also becomes a part of social cause by contributing to the education of the underprivileged students.

Social Cause

We render the right to education where all the needy students have the opportunity to learn the skills required for the living. The Global Scholarship Trust works with corporate sponsors, organizations, communities and individuals to help increase literacy rates both in India and across the world. We believe that education must be available to all students. We render the Scholarship Exam to outline the students in getting enrolled for their higher education.